Breaking Free

Strength and power and wisdom all come from deep within you. You are born with these powers. However, as a young child you are manipulated and guided and taught all the wrong things and so all that power, strength and wisdom remain deep inside you and you begin your life of suffering.

Your ego sabotages your efforts to break free because it has been taught that this is the way things are. We have to play small and not be noticed.

We shouldn’t do this and we shouldn’t do that. Our ego wants to keep us safe from harm. It does not want us stepping out into our genius because it is unknown and our ego does not like the unknown.

In fact it fears the unknown. And yet, the unknown is exactly where you want to go. For it is the unknown that holds the keys to the universe and an unlimited nature.

When we unlearn everything that we have been taught, then we really step into our genius and start living our life as we were meant to live it.

We acknowledge the many belief systems that have kept us small and insignificant and playing a small game. And then, we progress forward anyway.

Stepping into our genius. Doing whatever it is that our heart would love us to do, purely for the sake of being a magical creator. There are no conditions when we operate from this level.

We do not need our friends to pat us on our backs or for hundreds of unknown people to gives us likes and hearts on social media. It may be nice but we do not seek to be validated. We simply create from our heart and we love doing it.

We strive to be better every day. We strive to serve others and to gain abundance in return. We strive to make other’s lives better, even if it is for a fleeting moment.

This is not limited to humans but to all creatures that live upon our earth. Think deeply what you would love to create in your life. We do not want money.

It is what money gives us that is what we want. So, skip the money and go straight for what you love. What else are you seeking that doesn’t serve you.

What are you doing in order to try and get validated. Awareness is your gift from God. The gift that allows you to see what is really going on for you and to learn all the lessons being sent your way.

When we learn, we progress and get better and we don’t make the same mistakes more than once. Always, go for what you love.

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