A message from Andromeda

I am Andromeda and I am here to speak to people on planet earth in their human form. My goal is to educate mankind to make the necessary changes in their day to day lives to ensure that they continue to function and exist as a species on earth.

The reason for this is that there is much suffering going on amongst many human beings. They also cause much suffering to the rest of the planet.

Especially to animals, trees, plants, insects and billions of other creatures including those that live within the seas and oceans of our plant.

This destructive behavior has gone on for far too long and God is getting impatient. There are many of you in the world you are channeling and spreading the message that we bring to you.

The message is gathering momentum but it remains a small fraction of what it needs to be. We still need to experience real change and progression of the human species. Humans are very greedy.

They will gladly take the lives of thousands of others if it means that they can have abundance of financial wealth far beyond what they will ever be able to spend.

Many of these people with huge financial wealth and power are leading the demise of the species. They pretend to be saviors but they are not.

They are caught up in their belief systems and they seek acknowledgement and validation and yet, it is unattainable for it is not pure.

Only when your thoughts and intentions are pure, can you truly gain abundance in many different forms and keep it. Not just financial wealth but love, contentment, fulfilment, joy and happiness.

Financial wealth alone does not bring you these things. You cannot make money by causing the suffering of others, be that causing illness or making them poor.

You cannot make money by plundering the earth’s resources and not replenishing what you have taken. At some point, there will be a price to pay and it will be a high one.

It will be regret. Humans cannot cope with regret for it leads to many other thoughts and feelings which are completely disempowering.

Many humans are not present and so they are not aware of their actions and the consequences of them. The earth will survive and if she is not thriving as intended as per the laws of the universe then a gigantic force will come down from the skies and reset the world to once again be limitless and abundant of all life forms and beauty.

There is a path for the people we talk to, to follow. They must be present and aware to hear the message and tell others around them in their circles.

The message is to do no harm, to be grateful, to be full of love, to be awake and aware. Focus on living your life as the genius you were born to be. You all have many gifts and talents that the world needs in order to thrive.

Do not live in fear and do not allow your belief systems to take your power. You are enough and you are good enough and you are capable to take this message to the world and so much more.

Do not hesitate, do not over think but live in your truth of who you are meant to be. Do not fall for the tricks of your leaders but become your own leaders.

The system you have in place is beyond broken and it cause much pain and grief amongst your people. You need to stand up and be seen and be heard.

Time is running out. If we cannot get the message to enough people on your planet and see changes being implemented then God’s hand will be forced.

We shall descend into darkness once more. Our earth will be scorched back to nothing and devoid of life until, in many human years’ time, spring will once again bring new life and flourish. But it will be too late for humans as they will have to start again from nothing.

They will lose all their power and knowledge and everything will have to be relearnt once more. Please heed my message and take action before it is too late. Be better, live better lives and protect your earth from savage, corrupt groups of people whose only interest is today for they cannot see tomorrow or the next day.

They are the destroyers of life and if they succeed then we all fail and perish. Please do not let this happen. Do not stand by and watch and then live in regret for not taking action when you had the chance.

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