Your Focus Creates Your Reality

Imagine as we travel through time, from thousands of years ago until now, how much has changed. How drastically different life and the world is during this time period.

The interesting thing is, that our reality is how we experience the world. One person lives in the Gobi desert. It is very hot during the day and very cold during the night. His camels are his life blood.

He is connected to the stars and the universe and to nature. He has to be in order to survive and thrive. He has to know where to find water and food in the desert.

For him, the desert is very different to what we see. He sees life and opportunities. We, as westerners just see sand and basically nothing. Uncomfortable heat, freezing cold, just a lot of misery.

Because we don’t understand the desert, we don’t see it as someone who lives there. In the same token, if our desert dweller came into a big city like London, how would he manage and cope. It is so vastly different.

It would probably be very uncomfortable for him. Just a vast concrete jungle, very little nature. Unfriendly people roughly brushing past all the time.

Never a hello or a wave. Not a camel in site, just stinking, noisy cars. Switch the reality around to someone who lives in and loves London. Their reality is different.

They have access to everything they need, food, drink, parties, friends. They probably don’t even notice the traffic or cars or bad smells because they are so used to it.

It is within these realities that we begin to understand that to have a meaningful and deep conversation with someone, we need to take their realities into account.

We also should be aware that things that take our concentration and our focus, do not even exist for someone else who lives in a different reality.

For example, we can talk and panic about climate change but for the people who dwell within a desert or a rain forest, it is just nature.

They see changes but to them, this has always happened. Their ancestors have written about it. They are not being brain washed by other’s ideas for in their reality, there is no one telling them what to think and what to buy.

Can you imagine, just for a moment living in such a place. How would it make you feel, how would you change. Would you love it or would you be desperate to get back to what you know.

Would your life have more meaning in nature, in the wild or do you feel better and safer in a big city.

Consider these possibilities for a moment and then know that you have the power right now to make different decisions. You can allow yourself to be influenced by your surroundings, mostly in a negative way, or you can choose to select what you will allow to influence you.

Your focus creates your reality. In the western world, there is so much to take our focus that it is more difficult and challenging to focus on what you would love considering all the distractions.

Living in nature, in the wild, in the desert, there are much fewer distractions. There is no TV influencing your thoughts and feelings. There is no radio or Netflix.

There is one thing that I can share with you that may surprise you. In nature, you will never be bored. There is so much beauty around you, there is always something going, a bird flying overhead, a gust of wind, an animal in the grass, an insect crawling across the ground.

Your mind is totally different when it is at home in nature. And yet, you can be at a party, with lots of people talking and drinking and dancing and you can be bored out your skull.

Play around with different realities. Don’t be trapped in yours and never experience other realities that could help see everything from a totally different perspective. This is what will help you grow as a person.

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