New Birth

New birth is a wonderous thing. It reminds us that new life is always possible and thrilling. It reminds us that life is exciting and that we have the power to create what we love.

We have the power to create a whole new little being. Almost a replica of ourselves to continue on our life force many years after we have left this earth to continue our journey in another world or to be reborn again in this one.

New life is fascinating and life changing. It gives you new purpose. It may give you purpose where none existed before or it may just renew what you always felt was your purpose.

To create another being and ensure they thrived and had a beautiful human experience for as long as you could make it so. When new life comes into this world it brings a new sense of joy to all the family surrounding it.

It doesn’t just give the mother and father a new purpose but also the rest of the family members. It creates new life in the whole family and ensures that the family continues to exist.

There may be many trials and tribulations but these all make the family unit stronger and more resilient. It is the natural order of life on earth. To bring new life that will strengthen and grow the species.

A new genius is born, full of hope and limitless potential. Many births of new life happen every day, not just humans. A puppy or even a rescue dog that is brought into its new family, is given a chance to thrive and have a beautiful life, full of fun and adventure.

This is the way of the world. It is not to come into life to suffer and struggle but it is to bring joy to all those around you. To bring new hope and purpose.

To bring unconditional love that brings joy and happiness to everyone around. Bird’s eggs hatching in the spring, bringing new life and ensuring the survival of the species.

The proud parents chirping and singing with joy at fulfilling their life’s purpose which is to bring love into the world. You see, if you are in a place of suffering and struggle, remember, in every moment of every day throughout the entire earth, new life is coming into the world and bringing immeasurable love and joy and happiness.

You have the power to tap into this, which will instantly change your focus and your state of mind. You can chose to imagine all the happy and joyful faces looking down on this new bundle of life that has entered the world.

Be it a human or any other kind of animal. Even a spider is joyful when her spiderlings hatch and run about excitedly, looking for their first meal.

The joy and happiness for all mothers turns into nurturing their new young one. That may be giving them life giving milk or finding them another food source, all designed to give their new baby strength and power to thrive.

Just imagine for a moment, that this is what life is all about. It is the natural way of life. Death is also a natural way of life but remember that death on earth is never the end.

It is just a new beginning, just like being born where life once more starts with limitless love and endless possibilities. Just like the sun brings with it, rising every morning for a new day.

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