You’re In Control

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, it all comes down to one thing. Have you lived in the moment for today or did you let it pass you by.

Did you just lose a day of your life in unconscious distraction, watching TV, drinking, having meaningless conversations. Or, were you present in the moment. Present with whoever you were spending time with, present in nature.

Did you see something beautiful today. Did you appreciate it. Did you do something that you really loved doing, even if it was only for a brief period of time during the day. Did you argue with someone.

Did you get angry. Did you get sad. Did you get anxious about something in the media. What did you focus on today. Did you focus on creating something that you love. Did you take a step closer to your goals.

Did you do something healthy. Did you help someone else, did you smile at a stranger. Where you kind to someone. What was amazing about today? What did you love?

Now, what will you create for yourself tomorrow. What kind of day do you intend to have tomorrow. Will you set your intention to have a great day, for everything to be easy and playful and joyful. It is all about your focus and what you choose to put your focus on.

Worrying about something thousands of miles away that may never happen or choosing to create an awesome day for yourself. Choose to be present, to make a strangers day, to appreciate your loved ones around you, even the dog or cat.

Choose to imagine that you have the magical power to make everything go right today. Nothing is difficult. You are in absolute flow. You achieve everything you set out to achieve. You realise that you are in control of your day.

You are in control of how you react to everything that happens around you. You can let it derail your day, or you can choose to let it slide past you and continue to have an awesome day. Set your intention, set your focus and acknowledge the difference it makes to you.

Have the awareness to notice the difference and the change. Remember, you deserve to have a great day every day regardless of your circumstances.

And choose to love. Consciously send love to everyone around you, especially those that try to spoil your day for it is never personal, it is just that person struggling with their own life and lashing out at others as they try and make sense of the world they live in.

Unconsciously creating suffering and pain rather than consciously creating love, joy, success, freedom and so on, one beautiful day at a time.

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