Why you were born as you were

We are always born into an environment that will help us grow and evolve into the best version of ourselves. While it may not always feel that way, life is indeed a journey.

There are many lessons and choices that we need to make along the way. These all mould us and shape us into the person we are today.

You may often wish that you had more knowledge when you were younger but the truth is, everything happens as it is meant to. There are not shortcuts for if we take a short cut then we miss out of many lessons.

Our experiences in life are all there to help us grow in many different ways. They shape our future and they help us appreciate what we have, regardless of how little or how much.

Regardless of the environment we are born into, no one just has an automatically easy life. There are always unseen pressures and demons that all of us have to contend with as part of the human experience.

We may believe that someone born into a wealthy family has everything easy. But when all you know is wealth, you do not appreciate it or even understand it or value it. Because you don’t know any different.

You don’t know a life without money and the difficulties it often brings. However, there are many other challenges you would have to deal with.

Fear of losing everything you have could be one. Pressure of making yourself more successful than your parents could be another.

We all have problems, just different problems. But it is these problems that give us strength and resolve. They push us to be a better version of ourselves.

Hopefully, we will one day realise that true success lies in being fulfilled and free to live in our truth. To be our real authentic selves regardless of how crazy we think we are. We realise that chasing material objects, financial wealth is not the answer.

For there are many people with these who are desperately unhappy. The answer is doing what you heart would love to do. To find your purpose in this world.

That is true success, fulfilment and joy. Doing a job you love doing is what serves your heart. In this way, you serve the world in which you live at your highest level. This in return gives you abundance in many different forms, love, joy, freedom, peace and yes, financial.

Chase what you heart would love to do way before you even think about chasing after money. Money will be the byproduct, not the goal.

When you are happy and fulfilled and serving your purpose in the world, you do not yearn for loads of money and cars and houses and other toys.

For all these yearning are trying to satisfy an unconscious and impure need that doesn’t serve our true self.

The simple things in life are often the most beautiful and the most rewarding. Appreciate and be grateful for these and the rest will follow.

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