Going after what you love

And, as if by magic, it was all over. The most intense interview that she had ever faced for the job she knew deep down her heart would love to do above all else.

Before the interview, there were so many thoughts and feelings that popped up for her. You’re not good enough for this, you’re not worthy, you’re incapable.

These thoughts had come up a million times before during her life. A guy she liked, you’re not good enough for him. Other jobs she went for, you’re incapable.

Other things she had wanted in her life, you’re not worthy. Life had been hard and tough but then she had realised, with the help of a wise person that all these stories she was telling herself were all made up.

They meant nothing. They were simply stories that had kept her safe as a child but now, no longer served her. They certainly didn’t help her but they did keep her safe and small.

She didn’t want to be safe and small anymore, she wanted to be out there. She wanted to be her authentic self. She wanted to be the person she had always wanted to be.

She knew deep down that she had all the skills required for the job but more importantly, she knew that this job was what her heart wanted.

For when she did this work, there were no conditions about success or failure. There was no judgement from herself or others. She knew, that when she was living her truth and being authentic that no one could question her.

She was real, she would attract the people into her life she needed. And those that did not resonate with her, would simply melt away like they were never there.

She felt loved and supported. She had discovered that her heart was her secret weapon. She would consciously send love to everyone around her, especially during her interview. She would feel her heart expanding and sending out unconditional love with no expectation or need for anything in return.

She was simply using her power. The others felt her love and empathy and understanding and knew in an instant that she was the perfect candidate for the job.

She also put all her focus on her end result which was to get the job. There were others more qualified, that would probably accept less money but regardless of this, she went after what her heart wanted and knew she would get her end result.

It was a dream come true. She would be helping people and making a difference in the world. Changing people’s lives for the better. Changing their children’s lives.

Changing generations of poverty, drug use and alcoholism. She had the opportunity to change it all. This was her genius and her gift to the world and she knew that by doing this, she would be completely fulfilled, content, happy and joyful.

This would help her thrive which was what, she had discovered a few months ago, was what life was all about.


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