Threpolis is my guide. He is my brother from many thousands of years ago. We used to fight together on the battlefield where we won many battles together.

We are bound over the many centuries by loyalty and blood. We have shared many lives together. We have protected each other’s families.

We have hunted many beasts together to feed our tribe. We have learnt many valuable lessons together. We have sought the wisdom of the ancient elders.

We have gained knowledge way beyond that of man today in his current form. We have witnessed much love and joy but also trauma and destruction.

We have witnessed many large battles and natural disasters. And not only have we survived them all but we have remained brothers through all eternity.

We are always equal regardless of if one of us is king and the other servant. We have always put our brother ahead of our own needs and wants for we know that serving our brother will be repaid a thousand fold be that in this life or the next or even the one after that.

We always find each other when the time is right in the new world that we are once more born into. If we are not born into physical form then we shall be the guide for the other throughout their life from the stars above.

We shall guide and mentor our brother through his physical human experience. We shall acknowledge his struggles and his hardships but celebrate with him as he finds love and joy and happiness once more.

We rejoice as he grows into an important leader of man, women and child. We stand by his side as he changes the path of mankind. We guide him in his battles, both physical and mental.

We are bound together from the past and into the unknown future. We fear together and cry together and celebrate our many victories together. As brothers, we are one and we are stronger. Our love and support for one another is eternal and endless.


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