The power of the stars

The answers lie within the stars above. If you think that nature is powerful in terms of grounding you and allowing you to access your intuition and find answers that you seek, then the stars are infinitely more powerful.

They are pure and unspoilt. If you can tap into the energy of the stars then you will truly find yourself. Their magnificence is truly revealed when you can go to a secluded area with no light pollution.

You will see all the stars in their absolute magnificence. Shining brightly and in limitless abundance. When you see the universe in her limitless form, you will understand how everything was once limitless here on earth.

As an earth dweller, you have access to limitlessness for this is within our natural state. Limitless love, limitless resources, limitless oceans, sky and universe.

It is how everything was designed in the beginning and how it was meant to be. If you can imagine a small spider in a forest, to her, her world is limitless.

She can just keep walking for she will never reach the end of her world. She cannot jump in a plane or on a bus and travel as far as she likes.

She may eventually hit a river or a sea or ocean that she will not be able to pass but it is still not the end. This is how man was when we first arrived on earth.

Everything was limitless with so many undiscovered lands. Exploring and mapping out the whole world actually created limitations for us and shrunk our world and our minds.

Suddenly, the world was no longer limitless anymore and it deeply affected humans but they never realised it. When you walk in a limitless forest, there are enough trees to build a whole city and still have millions of trees left for firewood and furniture and many other things that trees can be used for.

Can you imagine, when you have limitless trees available to you, what you could create. Your mind could expand beyond anything it has imagined before because there are no limits to what you can create.

However, when man builds machines that can rapidly harvest trees by the thousands, suddenly, they are not limitless anymore. There is a big scar upon the earth where man raped and pillaged the landscape and left her barren of trees.

This in turn effects the human mind. He cannot now imagine to create something out of limitless resources because he was so greedy and determined that he managed to create limits.

So now, we do not have limitless imaginations, because the world has shrunk and so have all our resources. But, we still have the power to dream, to dream as big and limitless as we would love to.

And we have that power to bring limitlessness back into our lives as we realise that we can achieve and create literally anything we would love.

And when we take action towards this, we see just what is possible with focus and the power and energy of the stars. So this is your challenge, find a place far away from everywhere and appreciate the bright stars in the night sky.

Imagine for just a moment that you can harness their power and use it as fuel to create a life you would love. A limitless life of love, joy, happiness, fulfillment and contentment.

Ask what you should do next to achieve this life. Listen and then take action and be amazed at the magic you can create.

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