Past & Present Man

The original people of God were not made in his image. They were monsters. They were tall and powerful. They were 10 times stronger than the men we see in the world today.

They could walk for weeks without rest. Taking long loping strides across the plains and through dark forests. They could fight like any other ferocious beast in the world.

They needed to hunt a lot in order to maintain their large bulk of muscle. They were at least ten feet tall. Their bodies were hard and muscled like a big bodybuilder.

They mostly ate pure protein and obviously, junk food didn’t exist many thousands of years ago. They may have been very strong and ferocious fighters and killers but they needed a lot of food for they burnt a lot of energy.

There were many other large predators in those times but man was still the apex predator. He could hurl rocks at great speed with power and accuracy that will kill an animal from twenty meters away.

They were relentless hunters and fierce warriors. The biggest of them would become head of the tribe and lead the warriors on hunts and battles.

The tribes were quite widely spread but they had to protect their hunting ground, especially considering the importance of food. If another tribe tried to encroach on their hunting ground then a battle would ensue.

It would be a fight to the death including any women and children they found. They could not afford to tend to other tribes’ people for they had their own to look after and feed.

Sometimes the men would have to travel very far to find good hunting grounds. It was very dangerous for all should they come across another band of warriors.

Even in those days, there were certain tribes that began building big villages. They gained knowledge from the stars and from wandering wise men.

The bigger and stronger the village became, the more resources they needed to sustain themselves. Only the men ever went hunting and so they felt the pressure when there were a lot of women and children to feed as well.

At first, it was not too difficult but during that time period, the earth was very volatile. There would often be volcanos spitting fire and rocks into the night sky.

This would spread ash everywhere and block out the sun for days or even weeks. There would be many weeks of heavy rain or months of freezing weather and snow.

The weather was ever changing. Sometimes very hot. This early man learnt that if they built large temples and prayed to the gods then they would bring them food and make them lucky during hunting trips.

And so began the age of the Gods and worship. As with many large creatures of the time, a lot were wiped out during the ice age and great floods.

Especially when their resources were massively impacted. A thousand years later, a new man came to be. He was much smaller and lighter and didn’t require so much feeding.

This new designed man was cleverer and able to survive and thrive. In the beginning this new man was very successful and happy but soon, he wanted more and more until we reach today.

Where man is greedy and will take from his neighbor. He will gladly destroy those around him for his own accomplishment and success. And so, most struggled to survive while a few gain power and ruled the others with cunning and planning.

This caused much distress amongst all the others but they would have to be just as cunning in order to break the systems invented by the few for control and power.

They would have to band together and attack in their numbers to regain control. There would be much bloodshed and violence but it was necessary for the species to thrive once more.

For the many to thrive and not just the few, for this was how life was intended to be.

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