The Goat

The message today is all about how you treat others. Remember, the point of being alive is to thrive and to do no harm to others. This means all living creatures, not just other humans.

If your business is to harm others and exploit them then you will pay the consequences in this life or the next. Human beings have the so called gift of being able to justify to themselves any action they feel they need to take.

A lot of humans feel their responsibility is to look after their family by any means necessary. This is not the case. You are responsible to not condemn others or prevent other from thriving.

Everyone is responsible for how they treat others. This does not mean you have to actively rescue and save everyone but it does mean you cannot take from one family to feed yours and think that is justifiable.

All creatures on earth have a right to life and a right to thrive and be happy. If you prevent this, then you will be punished at some point.

You may be the owner of a multimillion dollar company that uses your laws to systematically take advantage of vulnerable people and essentially, legally steal from them.

You may run a drugs company that gets people addicted to your drugs or forces them to spend vast amounts of money for a simple drug which keeps them out of immense pain and suffering or may even save their life.

Supply and demand is not a universal law. It is a man made one designed to exploit fellow human beings. It does not come from love, it comes from a deep and dark place.

Perhaps you will be reborn as a goat and be living in a harsh desert where you have to look all day for any tiny bit of food in oppressive heat and freezing cold nights.

The goat will just know his new reality. He will live and survive but it will not be a fun existence. He will eventually gain the awareness of his crimes in a previous life and then he will understand that this is why he is being punished for the duration of a whole other life as a goat.

So be aware of how you are and how you are being. Your crimes will always catch up to you at some point and then you will be trapped in eternity.

The punishment will feel a hundred fold compared to those that you harmed during your human life. Remember that the need to be successful above all else and at the expense of others does not come from a pure place of wanting to thrive and have abundance of many different resources in your life.

It comes from a place of trying to meet your dysfunctions and belief systems. If you do not feel good enough then you feel that you need to work hard and find a way by any means necessary in order to be successful.

Perhaps you were not validated as a young child and so you seek validation by having lots of money and being successful. But you are chasing an impossible dream for enough is never enough. That is the clue that what you are chasing will never fulfil you.

It will never make you happy and joyful. It may please you to buy a fancy sports car but it will never make you feel fulfilled and there will always be a better sports car you will want to buy.

The need can never be met. You will chase it for a life time causing much collateral damage to others in the process. And then, you will be reborn as a goat in a desert.

And with the way the human species is currently treating their fellow humans, the desert will be overrun with goats and there will be even less food and more suffering.

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