Your Shadow Monster

In the shadow of the moonlight and a cloudless night, there lies in waiting a monster of disproportionate size. It lurks in the shadows always, never to be seen in the light of the day.

It hides and yet is ever present. Even in the bright sunshine of a summers day, it is there, hiding in the shadows. It is cunning and smart. It is deceptive. It speaks softly, coaxing, teasing, gentle and yet devious and dark.

It conspires to cause chaos and self-sabotage. It seeks incidents and events to cause outrage and anger and fear. It seeks to cause distraction and tear away it’s owner from their goals and ambitions and purpose.

It seeks to burst forth in a rage of unimaginable force from within it’s owners own body. Taking everyone off guard, shouting with rage, dribbling with delight at its victory for causing harm and distraction.

This shadow monster lives within all of us. Lurking and waiting for an opportunity to strike. It waits for the perfect time to deliver its poisonous message.

To invoke a violent outburst before rational thought can take control once more and return to normality and serene and calmness.

If the owner is unlucky, the outburst will continue, the rage increase 100 fold, the ensuing chaos disastrous. The life ruined, the life trajectory altered, the shadow deliriously delighted with its victory, its owner in ruins.

Beware of the shadow monster. Engage thought before action. Engage calmness, peace and empathy before reaction. Do not give the shadow monster any power for he will run away with it like a hyena, running and laughing with its prize of a piece of meat.

Beware of your shadow monster who seeks to keep you distracted with anything it can, alcohol, porn, food, TV and so on. For when you are distracted, you are not living in your truth, you are not living your purpose, you are not living in your highest self, you are not in your genius.

You are barely alive, suffering, struggling, trying to cope, trying to be brave and yet weak and powerless. Overcome by the power of your shadow monster.

Be aware, see him lurking in the shadows of your mind and go the other way. Go towards your higher self, raise your vibration, fly above him and all his distraction techniques. Be the powerful creator you are and go after what you love.

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