What love can do for you

The power of love is immeasurable. It is healing of the physical and spiritual body. It raises your vibration to a level way beyond any other vibration.

When you are in the vibration of love. Everything is easy, you have no enemies, hate does not exist. There is just unconditional love. This means that you send out love to all around you without any expectation of getting anything in return.

The point is not to receive but simply to give. However, by giving you do receive back. It quietens the mind from any negativity especially negative self-talk.

You imagine, that you are shining like a bright star in the night sky. Your glow can be seen for millions of light years away. And in this glow, this powerful light that emits from your whole body, the is simply no room for anything dark.

Simply by imaging this will raise your vibration and change your state. And in this natural state, everything is perfect as you fly way above any meaningless problems that you perceive you have in your life.

Most importantly, when you operate from this vibration of intense, unconditional love, you operate from your genius. You operate at your highest self.

Again, this means that whatever you set your focus to, you will achieve. It could be a project at home or a project at work or it could be exercising.

It could be speaking on a stage. Imagine being at your highest self, sending love out to everyone in your audience, how incredible your message will be when you are in this state.

In your absolute power, in your truth and authentic self. Everyone will resonate with whatever you have to say, they will hang on your every word and be left wanting more.

They will be insatiable for your message. They will be drawn to your energy but have no idea why. There will just be something about you.

They will not be aware that you are in this state of your highest self and subconsciously sending them love. But they will feel amazing in your company.

They will yearn to hear what you have to say and quite frankly, they will buy anything you are selling. As long as you are living in your truth and being authentic, then you can achieve anything your heart desires.

This is so easy to try, it is simply a case of imagining it. Try it now and see what difference it makes when you interact with other people.


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