Your Higher Self

As you sit and ponder my writing. How does it make you feel. Does it ever make you sad or happy or determined to understand the lesson and change your way of being.

Do you see a path for yourself evolving to live your higher self. Do you feel you have found your purpose in this world or are you still searching.

Do you believe that you have a purpose or do you think that things just are as they are meant to be. What have you created in your life that you are the most proud of.

What would you, bringing to the fore your absolute wildest imagination, love to create in your future. As in the next 6 months, not years but soon.

A lot of the things we do as a child, we forget as we grow up. But those things we did as a child were a lot closer to our true purpose and genius than you realise.

I used to write short stories and I loved it. I loved reading Wilbur Smith and I wanted to write but I never did. And now, many years later, I am writing every day. I have a few books published.

The point is, is there something you loved doing as a child that you would love to do again. What’s holding you back. We all have the same amount of time given to us every day and we choose what we do with it.

Sure, there are things we need to do but there are a lot of things we do which are simply distractions that eat up our time that we could use for doing something significantly more fulfilling.

Something that our heart would love rather than binge watching TV or going to the pub or whatever else it is you love to distract yourself with.

Yes, we get pleasure from these distractions but they do not fulfil us. They are not the reason why we were put on this earth. Imagine for a moment, if you were a caveman or women, living thousands of years ago in our ancient history.

What would you be doing right now? What would you want to do during the day? What would you be thinking about. Remember, we came into this world as people living in nature and harnessing its power and love and energy.

This is our natural state. We may have evolved into living in warm, comfortable houses, surrounded by lots of material items that we think we love.

That we buy to try and make ourselves feel better about ourselves. But we never really lose our connection to our ancient ancestors and to nature and the stars.

We lose the awareness but if we really want it, it is easy to reconnect and raise our awareness once more. Can you imagine how much time you would have on your hands if you lived as a caveman or women.

Distractions did not exist. We had to be present to stay alive. Imagine just for a moment what this would feel like. Now imagine, in this state of mind, what you would truly love to create in your life.

If there were no limits, no beliefs that you’re not worthy or good enough, no limits on money or other resources, what would you create?

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